Heavy Equipment Transportation


Low Boy Hauling

Expedient Service

Since founding WEC Transport, we have been far and wide across the prairies, transporting farm equipment, c cans and so much more. Our Split neck Lowboy makes it easy to get the lowest vehicles loaded. Our trailer is 9 feet wide making it accessible for a ton of different load widths. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Specialty Hauls

Expert Service

W.E.C. Transport is currently able to move anything from 40ft C Cans, Log Loaders/Button tops, hay bales, grain bags, houseboats, tractors, graders, excavators, dozers, oilfield piping, rig mats, logging equipment, farm equipment, balers, and so much more. If it will fit safely, we will haul it.

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Coming soon

Always Preparing

We are extremely excited to have some new equipment coming to continue expanding the reach of what we are able to haul. So keep an eye out as we stretch the boundaries, and continue our growth.

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