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Don't let a broken-down truck or lack of an extra rig ruin your day - count on our One-More-Truck Solution to provide the power you need. Signing a non-compete is available to give you peace of mind, we're just here to help you keep moving while you're in need. Our COR Certified team has all Oilfield tickets, and best-in-class Cargo Insurance;  including 2 Million in NON-Owned Trailer. Our truck is available for last-minute fill-ins to keep your job on schedule when you get too busy to do it all, or if your truck is broken down. 

Red kenworth hauling a rock truck
Kenworth in a logpile waiting for a grapple.
Red Kenworth with a load of pipe
Semi truck with an excavator and a load of pipe
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The Backbone of small cities.

We're one of the 1.19 Million small business' operating in Canada, making up almost 98% of all business operations. We believe in strong ethics and morals that guide us to always do the right thing. The clients we work with will always be able to trust our word and also back it up with proper paperwork, contractor packages and even COR certification to prove we are here to do it right, every single time. Understandably things go wrong, trucks break and drivers go missing, seeing how often this plagues bigger operations, we want to be part of the solution. Yet we understand not trusting people to not poach or skivvy into your clientele. That's why we offer a non compete. We hold ourselves to a high ethical honor and will do so with your clientele. Call us today for more information or to book our One-More-Truck Solution.

What Our Clients Say

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Isaac Ironworks Ltd

We just used W.E.C. Transport to deliver a Powerlift Hydraulic door for an airplane hangar near Fort Saint John. Cody was great from the first communication till the job was done! We will be using them again!
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