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British Columbia Weights and Widths

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

When I first started trying to understand the CVSE, it was like a book written in a completely different language. First of all they measure in Meters, I don't know how many times its taken to get the Meters to Feet figured out, but it is a lot. (3.2 Metres is 10.49 Feet) Second, its so jumbled. See section 4 about over width, but the rules about the over width permit are in a different section, and pilots are not mentioned, and there's this whole WHATS NEW tab that can completely contradict it all. So I am gonna give you a few little hints that I've learned.

What's my weight permit?

Did you know there's a special permit for when you don't know what your weight will be and you just need to get to a scale to find out. MIND BLOWN. On a lovely call (I actually mean lovely, they are very nice) with CVSE one day they let that bad boy slip. Like some kind of well guarded secret, I said I've never even heard of it. Well apparently they tell you when your in that situation, but try to find out by reading manuals. Fuh-get-about-it.

Seasonal Axle Weight Chart.

They have a nifty little chart that tells you axle weights depending on how much the roads are reduced. Here is this chart.

Height Clearance Tool

Imagine your cruising down Highway 1 in Surrey, things are going good. Too good. Always be suspicious if things are going well. Bam the bridge at 192nd St is coming and it looks like you should have lubed up the top of that excavator cause she's squishy. I've seen quite a few stories about people smackin' bridges. (its the bridges fault that they are too low) Well the ministry has made this handy-tool to help you. CHECK OUT THIS HEIGHT CLEARANCE TOOL !

Now all this sounds pretty basic to the normal Heavy-Haul-guy but there's some new guys out there and if we can help them save four minutes or 1100 calculations. I am all for it. Lastly for today.

Annual Over-width Permit.

Save yourselves all the phone calls and just get one of these bad boys. Instead of permitting every single time your over-width, you can pay for a yearly one. If you have been in the call queue at CVSE, you will know the smallest amount you can call them is always the best. The last time I bought one it was just over 350$ but it has saved a mountain of time. As we all know, time is money. And on that note, the basics are done. Ill be adding more to this collection soon. With More basics, Hours of Service info, and a whole piece about proper strapping and tarping.

Thank you for reading and thanks again to everyone who chooses W.E.C. Transport

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